Building Maintenance


We understand that finding the time to conduct a thorough maintenance is difficult. Therefore, we listen and provide customized plans that suit your requirements and best of all it is carried out at your time of convenience.We maintain your premises the way you want. That means our services are designed with your needs in mind. We use the latest products, equipments and systems. Our products are tested and proven to be environmentally friendly thus caring for your health and property.

Property Management

We offer a wide range of services and solutions, from single repair services to Integrated Facility Services, which combine all of our customer’s service and support functions into one single service and solution hub.

To date, GMS has refined nearly 10 years of experience and expertise into the polished delivery of high-quality property management and building maintenance services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Chennai. Our property management service includes :

  • Property analysis
  • Property Repairs
  • Payment of taxes
  • Bill paying
  • Mortgage payment services
  • Tenant qualifying and screening
  • Access to professionals
  • Timely response to tenant service calls
  • Rent collections and rent schedule planning
  • Unmatched owner / tenant relations and communications
  • Communication of all significant issues to property owners

Our Technology

Technology is the key in our business. It promotes both efficiency and effectiveness through the vast range of state-of-art equipment use. Complete Services investing in the latest technology and equipment. GMS Completed maintenance Services in the industry for over 10 years now. Over the years, we have pride ourselves in providing excellent, credible services and maintenance for various types of buildings in Chennai.Our crew are trained and equipped with the necessary techniques and skills for the various types of repairs that the industry demands. Our people are our best asset. We have trained professionals and reliable full-time employees who can take pride in delivering best quality maintenance services to our clients. GMS offers the complete package and has not only earned a reputation for its quality services, but also for its dependable after services delivery.

Our focus


Our focus is to provide you with a pleasant environment that you truly deserve. Building maintenance is a skilled profession, requiring the latest proven and tested products, equipment and systems to ensure the most effective and comprehensive care of a company’s property and assets.

Our Clients

  • JVL Plaza, Chennai.
  • Versare Credid Solutions, Chennai.
  • Oil Tech Engg.Pvt.Ltd., Chennai.
  • Sri La Sri Pandrimalai Swamigal Trust
  • And Much More Clients...